Career Development Programs

Whether you work with groups of people or you are looking for a tool that can be used by the individual, Road to Success offers a Career Development Program that will work for you. The RTS philosophy incorporates self awareness, soft skills and building on strengths.

Each participant will become more self aware through the Road to Success discovery process of identifying interests, skills and values, areas of strengths and areas to be improved; will complete a personal career exploration process; and will have opportunities to prepare for the future through the development of soft skills and learning methods to make informed career choices for successful job/career search or continued education.

Student Career Development Workbooks for the Individual User

This series of three workbooks offers a comprehensive, self-paced approach to career development. Each student will use her/his workbook to build a career document that will be a resource for her/his career exploration, career planning and achievement of career goals - both short and long term.

Students identify their personal strengths and use that knowledge to develop and take responsibility for their career plan. The career plan includes planning for continuing education/training or finding a job. By completing the activities found in this series, students will build a foundation for career goal development which leads to informed decisions and more focused and successful and satisfying career/job experiences.

Students will use tools and assessments, reflection and other targeted exercises, research techniques including computer skills, and they will develop career plans and action steps.

The workbooks are:

No Stress Career Development for Teens, Self Discovery

No Stress Career Development for Teens, Career Exploration

No Stress Career Development for Teens, Career Preparation

Each workbook has a corresponding Parent Guide available for purchase. The Parent Guides include a "Quick Start Guide" with a recommended week-by-week approach to completing the workbooks and a list of resources on subjects covered. Click here for more information or to purchase materials.

Career Development Programs for Groups, Students or Adults

To reach as many individuals as possible, RTS offers Leader Programs.  Leader are authorized to use the Road to Success Leader’s Guide, which includes step-by-step instructions as well as all the Leader materials, student handouts and PowerPoint presentations needed to teach each module. Electronic versions of all student handouts are also provided.

The Program consists of thirty distinct modules of instruction that are grouped into three focus areas: Self Discovery, Career Exploration and Career Preparation. In addition, a Career Plan is included which will assist the individual in setting and achieving career targeted goals. The outcome is a student who identifies personal career/job goals and is ready to work toward and achieve these goals.

Student Career Development Leader Program
Available for any organization that works with middle and high school aged students. This flexible and adaptable program can be easily tailored to fit various student academic levels, learning styles and paces. The Road to Success: Student Career Development Program has certified Leaders at more than 70 schools throughout Maryland. Click here for more information about this program.

Career Development Leader Program for Adults
Available for any organization that works with individuals seeking satisfying jobs or careers. Organizations such as Jobs Housing and Recovery, the Baltimore County Department of Social Services and Jewish Community Services have leaders who have been trained and certified. These leaders will help individuals build a solid foundation for future career success. Click here for more information about this program.

If you are interested in having a this program at your organization, please contact us at 410-832-7555, or send us an email.