Career Development Leader Program for Adults

The RTS Career Development Leader Program for adults is available for any organization that works with individuals seeking satisfying jobs or careers. 

The Program consists of three Focus Areas, Self Discovery, Career Exploration and Career Preparation, containing more than 80 learning activities. These activities are designed to provide the maximum amount of flexibility by combining individual and group activities.

  • Discover:  build a foundation of personal understanding
  • Explore:  gain knowledge of career opportunities and options
  • Prepare:  develop skills for the work world

The Program's Focus Areas and Module Titles

Self Discovery:  This focus area is the foundation for individual growth.  Participants will identify the skills they enjoy such as social, communication and decision-making skills.  They will also identify the interests and values that are important to them.  Participants will analyze their personal areas of strength and other areas that require improvement. Click here to see sample pages.

  • I Have Skills; Skills for Success                                           RTS manual adults
  • My Values Identification
  • Discovering My Interests
  • How I See Myself; How Others See Me
  • Social Know-How
  • Developing Effective Communication Skills
  • Appropriateness in Written, Electronic and Oral Communication
  • Team Building
  • Public Speaking

Career Exploration:  This focus area begins an active exploration of potential careers.  It provides a structure the participants can use to identify and plan activities and experiences to help them move toward their career/job goals. Click here to see sample pages.

  • Exploring Career Clusters That Interest Me
  • My Dream Career/Job Might Be
  • Career Trends
  • Researching Careers/Jobs I am Considering
  • Reality Check: What It Costs To Live
  • Identifying Job, Internship and Volunteer Opprotunities
  • Reflection on Work World Experiences
  • Moving Toward My Career Goals

Career Preparation:  This focus area presents the key ingredients for success during the job search and in a work environment with an emphasis on behaviors needed to succeed in the work world. Click here to see sample pages.

  • Attitude is Number One
  • Completing My Targeting Resume
  • Completing an Application
  • Writing a Cover Letter
  • Building Contacts and References for the Future
  • Interview Preparation
  • Dressing for Success
  • The Successful Interview
  • Networking
  • Bullying in the Workplace
  • Review and Reflection

Career Plan:  The important part of the program provides a format that addresses participants' questions "What do I Want to do?" and "How do I get there?"  The Career Plan provides the structure to help answer these questions and guides the participants toward achieving concrete career goals. Click here to see sample pages.

  • Improving Myself
  • Starting My Career Plan
  • My SWOT Analysis Activity
  • My SWOT Analysis Discussion
  • Identifying My Action Steps

Click here for a full table of contents.

License Options *

Become a Licensed Leader.  The Licensed Leader receives a Leader's Guide for this comprehensive, interactive program. Licensed Leaders are provided step-by-step instructions for more than 80 learning activities which include an extensive career plan, as well as electronic files of handouts and supporting PowerPoint presentation.

Materials Cost: $500 per Licensed Leader

Become a Licensed and Certified Leader. The Certified and Licensed Leader receives a Leader's Guide for this comprehensive, interactive program. Certified and Licensed Leaders are provided the same materials as Licensed Leaders. Becoming a Certified and Licensed Leader requires six hours of training with a Road to Success: Career Development Program representative.

Materials Cost: $500 per Licensed Leader

Training Cost:  $250 per hour, minimum six hours for an individual or group class

Contact us by email or at 410-832-7555 to arrange a customized training class.

*All Leaders of Road to Success: Career Development Program, LLC are required to sign a Confidentiality Agreement as all materials are copyrighted for the individual's use.



Optional Participant Workbook

A Participant Workbook is available for all who have been certified as a RTS Career Development Program leader. In your leadership materials you have received a CD with all of the participant handouts in printable format.  Another option for you and your participants is a complete workbook with these same materials; this workbook can be purchased for each participant. The workbook offers you and your students the RTS step-by-step process with group and individual activities, assessments and tools.

The Participant Workbook that includes printed copies of all the participant activities is available for $24.99 plus shipping costs. Certified Leaders may purchase individual Participant Workbooks.