Organizations and Programs Using Our Products

Who is Using Road to Success Programs?

  • RTS Programs and Products are used by non-profit and educational institutions such as: Jobs Housing and Recovery, the Baltimore County Department of Social Services, Jewish Community Services, Y of Central Maryland, Sojourner-Douglass College, Paul's Place, Outreach Programs through the Enoch Pratt Free Library and The Children's Guild.
  • Our Programs are currently being used by certified etiquette professionals nationally.
  • The Road to Success: Student Career Development Program has certified program leaders at over 70 schools. Click here to see a list of those schools. These leaders will provide instruction in Self Discovery, Career Exploration and Career Preparation to help individuals build a solid foundation for future career success.

What our Clients are saying:

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"Road to Success has had a remarkable impact on our clients. By using the Road to Success Program we are able to give them the multi-faceted advice they need to have successful careers, which includes not just knowing how to look for a job that will suit them, but also the interpersonal skills that are so important to employers. Our program that incorporates RTS is so successful that people come in requesting to be part of it!"

Tracey Paliath, Director of Econimic Services, Jewish Community Services, Baltimore, MD

"I am the assiciate director of the Corporate Internship Program at Cristo Rey Jesuit High School. Our high school is unique, in that, all of our students spend one day a week working in the corporate world...The Road to Success program has been extremely helpful in teaching these students the skills they lack. We require the incoming students to attend a summer business boot camp program, where trained facilitators utilize the lesson plans, PowerPoint presentations and lectures supplied to us through the RTS program. Having the RTS program has made organizing the classes and pinpointing the specific skills the students' need to work on a breeze....I highly recomment the Road to Success Program."

Erin Finnegan, Associate Director, Corporate Internship Program, Cristo Rey Jesuit H.S.

"'Did You Make the Right Decision' was very fun and effective because it caused students to think introspectively...Group participation rate stays high because the class is so engaged with this very exciting assignment." 

"The Road to Success clothing section is an excellent addition to the Job Network Program. Each PowerPoint slide clearly explains to students what is and isn't acceptable in the workplace...The PowerPoint slides and the handouts are visually stimulating and reach clients who learn in different ways"

"The 'Pick and Choose' activity was a great introduction to the Holland Chart for students of all ages...The (activity) would help them to identify if they were working in a field that was a match for them, it also helped students to start thinking about their dream job. Students came to the realization of what they enjoyed doing, and what they were passionate about, which in turn helps them to find a career path that was suited to their personality type."

Tarrell Parker, Winning New Jobs Career Search Facilitator, Continuing Education at Community College of Baltimore County, Maryland

What Certified Leaders are saying:

Sampling of comments about Learning Activities from Certified Leaders – Each of these leaders has highlighted one of the 80+ learning activities available from the RTS Career Development Program.

  • For: My Skills Activity – “I have always taught my students that the reason you are hired by any company starts with the skills that you offer. This lets them begin to see how many different kinds of skills there are. It also gives them a chance to see how many skills they will need to learn.”
  • For: My Career Values Activity –“Values infuse the decisions people make in their lives and are determinate in the amount of happiness and success one will experience in their careers. Students need help in clarifying their careers.”
  • For: The Holland Game: Discovering My Interests – “This is a good method for students to learn about the six categories/personality types. The PowerPoint presentation gives a thorough but easy to understand explanation that the students can understand. When the students identify their personality type[s], they can investigate career choices that fall into their identified type.”
  • For: Shaking Hands and Introducing Others - “I have found that many of the students that enter my program have never had to act professional. It will be a great learning experience for them to learn how to properly meet and introduce others.”
  • For: Common Courtesies and Etiquette for Public Places - “If students how a general knowledge of social and etiquette rules, they will get along better with others and will eventually me more successful.”
  • For: Conversation Activity – “Students with autism spectrum disorders typically display impairments in social interaction and appropriate conversational skills. Practicing conversational skills is a key to future success in interviews that lead to employment and in a job setting.”
  • For: Sending Email Discussion– “Current high school students know how to use electronic communication, but they do not know how to use this type of communication correctly for business purposes. The RTS provided 12 basic email protocols and then provided a good email example for students to follow. Additionally the handout Appropriateness in Electronic Communication is a very nice evaluation tool to determine if the student understands the concepts provided in the protocols.”
  • For: Thank You Notes/Letters Discussion– “ The activity for thank you notes and letters provides reason why thank you notes and letters should be sent and then provided a good example of a thank you note. There is also a handout When Should You Send a Thank You Note?”
  • For: Attitude is Number One Activity – As seniors it is important to discuss ways of handling workplace situations in a positive frame of mind. A positive attitude is always helpful.”

What Program Participants are saying:

Sampling of comments about Learning Activities from students – Each of these students has highlighted one of the 80+ learning activities available from the RTS Career Development Program

  • For: My Dream Career/Job Team Activity – “ I learned that you will be more successful in a job when you are doing something you are interested in and that you are skillfully prepared to do. I learned that sometimes your classmates have good suggestions about what you can be successful in once they know what you like and dislike.”
  • For: Reality Check: What it Costs to Live – “It’s expensive to live! We didn’t know things cost so much.”
  • For: Reality Check: What it Costs to Live – “We saw what we will need to consider living independently.”
  • For: Attitude is Number One Activity – “The activity taught me professional protocol when I am on an interview and how to maintain a positive relationship with my employer.”
  • For: Attitude is Number One Activity- “I learned to think before I react while at work. Because we have tendencies to make choices that make other people upset it was good to work it out and not fight or have something bad happen from my choice. It worked to see the good and bad choices written out on the papers and talked about.”
  • For: Team Building Activity: Lost in the Wilderness – “I learned that sometimes you have to give a little in a group decision to agree on something. This helped us make decisions as a group.”
  • For: Public Speaking – “I learned how to over-come fear of public speaking. I felt nervous at first; I felt better when we did the second activity. It was fun and interesting; I even knew a lot of this stuff, so that was nice.”