Our Mission and Goals

Our organization provides programs and tools for individuals and those who work with groups so that they may achieve personal growth and move forward by building on strengths, increasing self awareness and improving soft skills.

Our Career Development Programs provide career education and tools, techniques and processes to help individuals move toward or obtain careers/jobs that are satisfying and successful. The knowledge gained will be used for continuing education or moving into or within the workforce. 

Road to Success (RTS) programs are available for elementary, middle and high school students and adults.  

  • The RTS Career Development Programs provides leaders/instructors with customizable tools that enable them to Road to Success: -Build on Strengths -Self-Awareness -Social Skillswork with program participants, students and/or adults, to build a foundation of personal understanding, gain knowledge of career opportunities and options, and prepare for the work world. Since every group of participants has different needs, the option to customize any of the modules makes it a program designed just for you.
    • RTS also offers individual, self-paced Career Development Workbooks for Teens. This three workbook series includes Self Discovery, Career Exploration, and Career Preparation.
  • RTS Career Plans provide individuals, adults, and students - including home school students - with student or adult appropriate Career Plan Workbooks and/or individual Electronic Career Plans.
  • RTS also offers Bullying Prevention and Civility Programs for elementary school-aged children, teens, and adults in the workplace. These Programs are based on the RTS model of self discovery, soft skill development and building on strenths.

Road to Success: Career Development Program was created by a coalition of business and education professionals who have many years of experience working in the areas of employment readiness and business skill development. The program developers have worked with thousands of participants and employers to help them achieve their goals for success.

The RTS Career Development Programs for Maryland schools incorporates the Maryland Career Development Framework and the Maryland Career Clusters.